Here you'll find other side projects and productions I've done for other artists, with many unreleased ones coming soon!

Ancient Bells

This song was a bit of Christmas magic and is definitely one of my top favourite projects of 2023. It was 72 hours from the first ‘hit record’ button to ‘hit play’ on Spotify, and was SO much fun to make. Go full screen for a cinematic and immersive bit of dark winter magic!

Waiting on the Sunset

This is the PERFECT song for a summer evening watching the sun go down from your favourite patio or better yet, favourite beach! I'm very proud of my songwriting and piano student, Anvay, who helped write the song and played the cool piano solo in the bridge! Don't miss this beautiful video with footage from his family's amazing Alberta roadtrip!

Everything's Blue

This song was a delight to write! One of my songwriting students and I wrote this together based off of her favourite book! For more details click here!

Save Me - Firelily

This song has been a real delight to work on, cowriting it with the songwriter Firelily and going all out on the ethereal, moody vibe as we produced it and put it all together. The magical city night landscapes burst into colour just like the chorus does- hope you enjoy! Watch on YouTube below, or save to your favourite streaming service here