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Ravencall - Ave Maria [Enigma Style!] 

In a tribute to the [few..?] classical music pieces I love, I recorded an Enigma-style version of Ave Maria with absolutely soaring moments and pulsing electronic and cinematic details that make it feel like soaring through a sunset [to quote a boy at summer camp many years ago…]

If you like Enigma or Enya, you may really like this one! Click the picture or here to listen anywhere!

Firefly - Dots and Dashes (Secret Messages in Morse Code) 

Out today - one of the most magical songs I've been lucky enough to be part of creating! This EP entitled Firefly features a real secret message in morse code woven into this opening track, Dots and Dashes, and in one of the middle transitional tracks, Rhymes and Riddles. 

Listen to the whole thing here

And if you can decipher the secret code, send me an email for a special prize: - I'm also happy to send you the audio of the morse code alone if you really want to try - just let me know ✨

The inspiration behind this song is that fireflies are such a tiny, tiny helpless creature in this giant world, and yet they shine in their little corner, lightening the world around them for the short time they're there, not unlike us in the grand scheme of things. Now matter how dark and scary the world is, they shine with their little messages of [perhaps morse code?!] and remind us there just might be something bigger out there, maybe... 

Happy decoding! 


Credits and track list:

  1. Dots and Dashes
  2. Firefly
  3. Firefly (Cinematic Piano Version)
  4. Rhymes and Riddles
  5. Something Bigger Out There

All tracks written, produced, mixed and mastered by Anastace except track 2, “Firefly” which was co-produced by Jaden Perry, mixed and mastered by Jaden Perry.

I'd like to credit the fireflies of my childhood for the morse code in track 1 and 4, and thank my dad for driving me out to the valleys to see them on those summer nights!



Every day feels a little bit colder and the sun’s turning into shade 

Looks like the dark side’s winning again and the bad guys’ve got it made

Nothing but bad news and nothing’s going right

But I’ll be just fine, I’ll be up here shining like a thousand satellites


I’m gonna glow

Like a firefly

A little spark in big big world

Gonna glow

Like a firefly

Like a firefly


Watch my dots and dashes and little green flashes, cause I got something to say

When there’s nothing but shadows it’s a big big battle but you know I’m not afraid

There’s something bigger out there, believe it or you don’t

But I’ll be sending out signals in rhymes and riddles, ‘cause you know we’re not alone


[Repeat Chorus]


Something bigger, something bigger out there

Bigger than you and me

Something bigger, something bigger out there

Bigger than we can see 

Something bigger, something bigger out there

Bigger than you and me

Something bigger, something bigger out there

Something we can’t see 


[Repeat chorus]


© Anastace 2024. All Rights Reserved.

Disabandoned - Shipwreck Music Video [Rock Version!] 

Another epic indie-rock song from the new band project I'm so happy to be a part of - Disabandoned. These songs are a perfect melding of Jaden Perry's world-class production skills and my emotional, very carefully written song lyrics and melodies. In a world drowning in AI music and copycats using loops [no shade… well, maybe the teeniest bit of shade! ;) ], enjoy some 100% human-generated, authentically fun music. This one is high energy in a style reminiscent of Metric and Paper Route, among many other favourite indie artist influences.

Enjoy the cool video Jaden made for it here!

Disabandoned - Drive On 

This song was SO fun and SO magical to make and sing, and Jaden did his usual epic job of production and mixing/mastering! It's a mix of electronic EDM with a bit of a haunting desert feel, that makes you just feel the midnight air rushing by with the windows down…


Just reached 3 million streams over all of my work, today, June 22, 2024!

First million happened last December, 2 million in March.... and now! So grateful to all the people I get to work with and for all the wonderful [kind, supportive, epic] listeners who have found  and shared my music so far. I know many of my music producer friends have exponentially more than this but it's a big deal to this little firefly.

[shameless promo for my BEST song of the year honestly, coming out July 5 with secret morse code messages and fireflies and happiness...!]

KT Marigold - Wild Sea (Happy Summer Song!) 

Happy to share this production I did for KT Marigold- just in time for summer! We wrote a song that's all about that feeling you get when you are by the ocean, breathing in the fresh breeze and enjoying the warm sand and sound of waves - everything good about summer - and the people we want to be with to enjoy it! Listen now on all streaming platforms, and check out the wonderful lyric video she made herself! Very proud of this young artist for all the work she's put into this!


Chickadees - Incredibly uplifting and happy for once! 

Really so happy to share this one - a really large-scale reimagining of a piano solo I did a while back based nearly entirely on the real life song of two chickadees singing back and forth to each other. For this electronic version that's a bit reminiscent of Enigma, if Enigma had a pet chickadee and were doing a film score, I even kept their singing at the end so you can hear them singing the exact melody [albeit in a different key- their range is different from mine!]

Click here or the picture below to listen, and if you like it, follow Ravencall on your favourite music platform for more music like this! Thanks for listening!

Black and white album art of a chickadee on abstract background

Atlas of the Stars: Antares (June's Star Song of the Month) 

I love studying constellations and star maps, hence this side project that is made of magical, ethereal vocals floating over a landscape of sparkling, all-encompassing sound. June is the month in the northern hemisphere when we see the constellation Scorpio glowing all night long, with the red glowing Antares leading the way. Antares is the 15th brightest star in the night sky usually, and is more than 700 times the size of our own sun! 

It might be just the right music to set the soundscape for midnight stargazing surrounded by silence and maybe some cricket friends. If you're a fan of ancient libraries, legends, strange birds with cryptic messages, and lands far beyond this mundane world, this is the soundtrack for your next book! 

You can find Atlas of the Stars and this track on all streaming platforms and music stores, just click here

Or even better, watch the rising star visualizer I made- warning - I had some trouble watching it myself full screen as it felt accidentally very hypnotic? Watch at your own risk haha. 


Disabandoned - Shipwreck [Cinematic Piano Version] 

One of the most classic-sounding ballads I've written recently, in the style of Adele but with huge, cinematic moments and a really surround-sound production by Jaden Perry that really takes it all kinds of places!

Our band project Disabandoned is an exploration of pop music from an indie/rock/electronic standpoint with BIG productions and guaranteed human, heartfelt lyrics to stand out in a world that's kind of drowning in AI. If you like what we do subscribe to our channel, thanks so much! Thanks for listening, and enjoy the amazing video Jaden made!

Cutest Turtle Song on the Internet 

Had an absolute blast making this adorable song with Hannah Banana, who sang the super cute lyrics. Enjoy 18 seconds of [kind of heartwrenching!?] baby turtles frantically running for the ocean, dodging all the dangers in the big wide world. And remember, next time you're at the beach, don't litter! Protect our beautiful oceans!