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Burn Another Bridge - Heavy Rock Song  

Very pleased to finally and properly share this song with you! The official music video will go live May 28, 2023 at 4pm EST.


The best rock song you've heard this week if you love bass that'll levitate you off the sofa, guitar solos like Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb, and incisive lyrics that will make some people think... 

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Top Thirteen Hymns - Stacey Plays Hymns Channel Overview 

[Will go live Saturday, March 18th at 7pm]

It's been a delight to work on this project, with a full 94 songs produced for Stacey Plays Hymns so far, and so happy to see it doing really well with the YouTube algorithm and reaching an audience all around the world. In the first 3.5 months since the channel's inception it's gained over 550 subscribers and over 73,000 plays total. Here's an overview of all the best moments so far... 

Inside - Feat. Swedish Producer Alex Ever 

This song was a collaboration with a really talented producer who I was lucky to meet on Soundcloud years back, Alex Ever. He previously remixed a song for me and it was so fun that we did another song from scratch- he made the music and I wrote the topline for it. This song is the first in a stream of more high energy music that I've been working on behind the scenes- I know most of my current production catalogue is slow and sad but don't let that fool you with regards to what's in the pipeline... :)

Also I'd like to dedicate this video to anyone who's ever been stuck in traffic on the 401- you can watch this [NOT WHILE DRIVING PLS] and pretend you're going fast with a movie soundtrack behind you... 



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Unstoppable - Emerald River 

So excited to announce this new song out today just in time for all those New Year's Resolutions! Emerald River is back with another great song, this time a very danceable and empowering anthem that's sure to make you wonder what else is possible and dream of big things! I had so much fun producing this song for her.

To really help out a small artist, save this to your favourite workout and inspiration playlists on your streaming service of choice!

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In the Bleak Midwinter - Winter Storm Magic 

I know this is technically really too simple for the fast pace of the internet, amidst a sea of voices shouting for attention, but I've been watching these waves on repeat, just mesmerized, and wanted to make something worthy of the magic I feel when I see them... Maybe it's just because it's late at night, or near the end of a long work week, but somehow this is just the thing for a night like this. Even if just one person finds a moment of magic or peace by watching, it I consider it an absolute success. <3

Hope it brings a moment of peace to your world in this busy time of year.

You can listen to "In the Bleak Midwinter" as well as the rest of the new album, December Comes Again, on Spotify:

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Or anywhere else you find music these mad days! :)

This Is The End - Lilac Moon [New Release!] 

So very proud of this young songwriter- she wrote this one all on her own and I was lucky to produce it for her. Those of you who have been around here for a while know that I write a LOT of sad songs, but behind the scenes, it's extremely rare that I actually cry while recording because it's such an involving craft with so much to pay attention to. But for this song I definitely cried at least 8 times while recording it, because certain melody lines and phrases just hit so strongly. Sounds like the end of a movie, as the camera drifts off towards a stormy sea, a few desolate leaves floating by...

Take a few minutes to pause in a busy day and listen to this heartbreaking yet beautiful masterpiece- you'll get the chills, that's for sure! <3

You can also listen on Apple Music and Spotify and everywhere else music is streamed or sold. 

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New Album Out - December Comes Again 

Happy winter and Christmas and Solstice [soon] and hope your December will be filled with peace and time with family and all those you hold dear. In honour of warm nights by the fire after sledding by torchlight [true story!], hot cocoa and hugs and sparkling presents under a shining tree, here's an album for all those long dark nights we get up here in the northern hemisphere. I specifically recorded it in a very mellow mood, so as to make it really good for background music while doing other things and enjoying all the aforementioned good things about the season... hope it adds some cheer and comfort to December for you!

Stream on Youtube here

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[Also on all the usual platforms where you can buy and stream music :) ] 


For long winded stories and [some of the ] Easter eggs, here is the background meaning to the album name and some of the titles... 

December Comes Again - Track Preview: "Colder Every Night"  

Here's where it gets a little convoluted but also special. I hate this song and I love it and I'm so very proud of it and yet I wish a million times it didn't exist. I wish everyone we love would live forever. Instead somehow, we have nothing but each fleeting moment, and music to live on. You can read the lyrics here or click below to watch the original lyric video with a parade of magical, cozy Christmas lights... 

Side note- I suppose this is as good a time as any to announce that "December Song" is a Semi-Finalist in this year's UK Songwriting Contest, in the Christmas category. Fingers crossed it might go to the finals!?

Anyhow I loved this song enough to base an entire album around it. The first line of the original song is "December Comes Again", which is now what the entire album is called. Today's preview track is called Colder Every Night, and it steals its title from verse 1 of the original. [Stay tuned for a few more homages to the original song, but for now I think this is confusing enough!?] And I promise there are happy songs too- I even did Jingle Bells.... But couldn't end the album without a sad one, obviously.

Thanks for reading, if you've made it this far :) Have a listen, if you like: