Music News and Updates

Student Showcase: Turning Pages 

Starting a project to showcase more of the piano songs that my talented songwriting and composing students have written, and here's the first one that's finished and published! So proud of Scarlett for this one, and it's a lot of fun to play! For composing and songwriting lessons just contact me

Waiting on the Sunset - Perfect Summer Dreaming Song 

Very happy to share this project with you so you can enjoy some dreamy summer-evening music as we all try to capture every last moment of the summer here in the Northern Hemisphere... Also so pleased to introduce to you ANVAY! Anvay is a talented young artist who helped write this song and also played the fantastic solo in the bridge - don't miss it! The video uses some absolutely glorious footage from his family's recent roadtrip out to Alberta too, so if you love beautiful music or if you've never driven through Alberta [or both!], you've just GOT to hear this song! 

Have a listen and subscribe to his Youtube channel here, so you can follow his musical and creative endeavours. Anvay has even published a book on amazon - we're very proud of him!


Everything's Blue - Gorgeous New Song! 

I've been happy to co-write a LOT of songs with my songwriting students this past year but this particular song took on a life of it's own and we just had to release it! The verses paint the picture of someone waiting on the sidelines, hoping for more out of their life, and then the pre-chorus takes it really low and deep into the world of all our fears. Then the chorus bursts through with all the glorious sparkle of sunlight filtering through the clear ocean waters from above, and with the dolphins, revels in the happiness and freedom that comes from facing our fears and embracing the strength within.

Watch on Youtube below - or save on your favourite streaming platforms here:

Jump in!


Ocean drone footage by

And a special thanks to Zlatin Georgiev for his glorious underwater dolphin footage!

Save Me - Ethereal Gorgeous Pop 

This song has been a real delight to work on, cowriting it with the songwriter Firelily and going all out on the ethereal, moody vibe as we produced it and put it all together. The magical city night landscapes burst into colour just like the chorus does- hope you enjoy! Watch on YouTube below, or save to your favourite streaming service here:

This is also a great example of what I can do for your track if you hire me as a topliner or songwriter/co-writer on your projects… contact me on any social media or more reliably,

Enjoy the magic of those sultry summer nights, and all the glitz and glamour of the big city!



Music Production Portfolio - 2023 

A collection of the best songs I've produced to date, featuring a wide variety of styles and a lot of talented other artists. I took a while this week to add it all up for the first time ever, and across Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music, songs that I have written or produced have had more than 370,000 plays. It's a bit of a shock to see such a big number and also so wonderful and humbling... I'm very grateful to the artists who have entrusted me with their songs and music so far! For more information about co-writing or having me produce a song for you, please contact me at and let me know your project details.

You can also check out my Spotify Production Playlist here

Happy summer and happy music-making!


KT Marigold - Believe - Uplifting Classic Ballad 

Very proud of my student, KT Marigold, for her first song! She came up with so many great lyrics as we put this one together, and then did the entire music video herself. I had so much fun producing this dramatic, classic ballad that will leave you with goosebumps and probably singing along! Have a listen…


Your Move Now - Uplifting Classic Trance Song 

So proud of this collaboration- I can't remember the last time I had SO MUCH FUN doing vocals on such a great track! German producer Jaden Perry wrote and produced this track and sent it over to me for toplining, and it was so fun. The process involved writing the melody and lyrics, lots of recording vocal takes, and putting together the art video with some new experimental techniques. Certain parts of the song slow down visually, and even the colour disappears, only to come back full force with a vengeance, supporting the soaring melody line and glorious bass! 

Watch on youtube or save to your favourite playlists here: 

Listen to more of Jaden's other fantastic productions here: