Music News and Updates

Cutest Turtle Song on the Internet 

Had an absolute blast making this adorable song with Hannah Banana, who sang the super cute lyrics. Enjoy 18 seconds of [kind of heartwrenching!?] baby turtles frantically running for the ocean, dodging all the dangers in the big wide world. And remember, next time you're at the beach, don't litter! Protect our beautiful oceans!


Ravencall: Memories and Ghosts [Evensong Remix] - Official Video 

If you're looking for magic and lights in the sky, here's a haunting, cinematic electronic piece that uses the main melody hook from Evensong, and turns it into an Enigma-style piece that will carry you off into a land of stars and dreams... I'm learning new video creation techniques and figured out how to make memories and ghosts floating through evergreen silhouettes against a starry sky, giving space to think and drift away into eternity...

Definitely go full screen, and as with most of my music, I recommend listening past midnight in the wee small hours of the morning when the otherworld is closer…


Antares - August Drift feat. Ravencall 

Here's another magical star song, featuring hot-weather vibes from the warm tones of a Rhodes piano and floating ethereal vocals from my Ravencall project. If you like rich jazzy chords and lazy moods, follow August Drift on streaming platforms, and if you like haunting, ethereal vocals and cinematic magic follow Ravencall!

You can click through to either one by clicking the album art here:

Dragonheart by Disabandoned - High Energy Electro-Rock/Pop  

Here is a pretty epic project I'm very happy to be a part of! Disabandoned is an indie rock/electronic/pop bit of magic with a grittier dynamic and high energy tracks that are mixed and produced exceptionally well by Jaden Perry. You'll recognize his signature sound by the SOLID bass and the way the music just picks you up and carries you away in what feels like a flashflood of sound. I always have to put headphones on and crank it up… you may enjoy doing the same! Click here to listen on your favourite streaming platform and if you like it, follow Disabandoned for more that's already in the works. 

Atlas of the Stars Project - SPICA 

I'm following the wheel of the sky around the year, and releasing a song every month on the 19th under the artist name “Atlas of the Stars”. May is dedicated to Spica, the brightest star in the constellation of Virgo, which we see in northern hemisphere throughout the spring season, growing earlier as the days progress.

To find Spica in the sky, follow the curve of the Big Dipper to Arcturus, then drive a “spike to Spica”, another line down in a similar trajectory to find the bright shiny Spica twinkling away over the springtime hills. Fun fact: the star is actually two stars, and in honour of this fact I made the star on the album art have TWO stars as well, if you look closely. Hope you enjoy this immersive soundscape of magic! 

If you have a favourite star or astronomical wonder, let me know so maybe I can dedicate a song to it in a future release!



KT Marigold - Wild Sea 

Delighted to share this second single from young artist KT Marigold, out today on all streaming platforms just in time for the May long weekend here in Canada! We had a really great time writing it, back in the middle of snowstorms and icy sidewalks, just dreaming of summer, and now here it is, a cheerful daydream of a song that'll have you singing along by the bridge for sure! She worked hard on the singing and came up with many of the really great lines in the song, and then we recorded it! Music video coming soon - follow KT Marigold on YouTube to keep up with her great music!

Listen here on Youtube, Apple Music, or Spotify, or search up “Wild Sea” by KT Marigold on your favourite streaming platform. Happy long weekend to those who have one! 🏖️

A Place to Dock - Custom Theme Music for Youtube 

Had a great time making this custom theme music for A Place to Dock's Youtube channel and wanted to share it with an official video!

We released an entire EP of songs so there is music on Instagram and Facebook for reels, as well as background music for videos. Some of them, particularly Midnight Waters and Endless Sky, are really lovely and relaxing for background music or a spa/meditation setting. 

For more information about commissioning your own theme music or inquiring about other musical solutions for your endeavours, please contact me at and let me know your project details. 

There's an entire EP with extended versions and relaxing piano solo parts, or just enjoy this 15 seconds of cinematic inspiration! 

Ravencall: Memories and Ghosts 

"And nothing will remain here
but memories and ghosts
fair sunshine's light is fading
tis darkness coming close..." 
-lyrics from my original Evensong piece.

I've taken just the main melody of that song and done a complete re-imagining that sounds like Enigma meets Plainsong Chant, and took the title from my previous lyrics. Have a listen on your favourite platform to Memories and Ghosts! If you like this style, follow Ravencall on your favourite streaming platform for music JUST in this genre [trying to amend my ways of doing a million styles that are hard to follow]




Bad Moon Rising - Haunting CCR Cover  

Here's a really magical, haunting cover of Bad Moon Rising by Credence Clearwater Revival, a collaboration with friend and talented guitarist Doug Millaway. You can listen on all platforms by clicking here or the album art below. 

He had the brilliant idea to cover this song in a minor style, and out of quite a few other covers, there was nothing that really captured the mood of the lyrics, and how dark the song actually is, like we wanted it to sound, so we just made this one… If you haven't heard the original, listening to it first will make this even more of an otherworldly experience! And just when you've floated off into the dark forest under the light of a big yellow moon, you'll be carried off even farther by Doug's effortlessly beautiful guitar solo in the middle. Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy!

Coming soon to a Netflix show near you! [hopefully ;) ]

Atlas of the Stars Project - POLARIS 

There could be no better star to open up this new artist project I'm doing than the most important star of all, Polaris. Our north star for thousands of years [but not forever!], Polaris shines and shows us true north all year round, the one spot in the dazzling night sky that doesn't move no matter the season, and therefore brings a certain reassurance even though we are no longer so very dependant on stars for navigation. Still we remember, deep in our veins…

If I may recommend, watch this late at night and on full screen for the most immersive and magical experience!