Music News and Updates

Drive On - Magical Hot Summer Night Version 

Absolutely FLOORED by this Jaden Perry version of my song "Drive On"!! With his completely out of the box musical production and ideas, it's become the most sultry, deep song and I honestly can't get enough of it! It may have been the middle of a Canadian blizzard and minus 20 degrees outside but when singing over his track i felt for all the world like i was deep in a midnight desert somewhere in the sultry heat of summer. Enjoy!

The Darkest Jingle Bells - EPIC CINEMATIC Jingle Bell Rewrite 

This was meant to be just something quick and fun I made to show my songwriting and music production students but quickly took on a life of it's own and has been haunting my December ever since [THREE DAYS AGO!?!?]. It is undoubtedly the saddest, darkest, and probably most haunting version of Jingle Bells that is dancing around the corners of the internet, with soaring melodies and cinematic drama that will send chills down your spine... If you like epic orchestral music with female vocals, this is the Christmas song for you!


Also I'm currently taking new production clients for January - if this is a style you would like for a project you're working on do get in touch. I'm also happy to do vocals or songwriting / toplining on tracks that would match this style - just get in touch! I've been having a ball working on some truly epic cinematic tracks recently that will be released in the next year for some exciting projects. Just email me at and let me know your music details so we can see what's possible! 

This track is available on all streaming platforms and music stores by visiting

Wishing you a merry and beautiful Christmas full of music and remembering what matters - friends and family and the warmth of love that keeps us warm against the cold of the winter and fragility of life. 


Magical Midnight Cathedral Music - New Christmas Album! 

Happy to share my brand new Christmas album this year - Christmas Plainsong. It's made of nothing but ancient, hauntingly beautiful music sourced from as early as the year 300! Two of them have new melodies that I wrote, but there rest are right off the ancient hymnal pages. If you love that feeling on Christmas eve of singing in a dark cathedral, lit by nothing by candlelight, this is the perfect album to put on for a midnight Christmas mood. Merry Christmas! [Click the album art here to listen!]


I was hoping to get here, fingers crossed, by the end of the year... MAYBE! but here we are December 6th and I'm just thrilled to have reached 1 million streams across Spotify/Apple/YouTube etc. including songs I've written, produced, or sang on as a topliner.
I know I have lots of friends who are in the hundred millions and many more than this, but considering last year this time it was closer to 50,000 for me, I'm just so so happy. Merry early Christmas to my little spreadsheet, I suppose! Thank you to EVERYONE who listens to my work and has been so kind with comments and sharing, it's ALWAYS noticed! 

Christmas Music going viral! - [December 2023] 

After putting thousands of hours into hundreds of videos that would usually get anywhere from 100 to 1000 views on average, I’m just THRILLED to share that this collection of Christmas Hymns is really taking off like a rocket on YouTube. It feels so good to really connect with the audience who is looking for this music, and be riding the right side of the algorithm for once. If you like sacred Christmas music and carols, you’ll love this video. Thank you to EVERYONE for all the support and sharing to make this happen, and an especial thank you to all the dear friends and family who are the ‘early-adopters’ of all the little videos I make, even the ones that haven’t made it anywhere in particular yet. Merry early Christmas to you all!

Halloweeny - PERFECT Haunted House Halloween Party music 

This was a fun and spooky collaboration with the electronic music artist named synthpuff, who contributed, amongst other things, the snazzy haunted piano solo in the middle. You'll find theremin-style vocals floating ethereally above a creeping melody, just perfect for sneaking through a neighbourhood haunted house or spooking around in a bedsheet to scare people for fun… And then, just when it's sounding perfect, it gets even better with a stunning pipe organ blast to bring on the guaranteed Halloween mood! 

Hope you enjoy! 


You can follow synthpuff anywhere online but particularly:

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Student Showcase: Turning Pages 

Starting a project to showcase more of the piano songs that my talented songwriting and composing students have written, and here's the first one that's finished and published! So proud of Scarlett for this one, and it's a lot of fun to play! For composing and songwriting lessons just contact me

Waiting on the Sunset - Perfect Summer Dreaming Song 

Very happy to share this project with you so you can enjoy some dreamy summer-evening music as we all try to capture every last moment of the summer here in the Northern Hemisphere... Also so pleased to introduce to you ANVAY! Anvay is a talented young artist who helped write this song and also played the fantastic solo in the bridge - don't miss it! The video uses some absolutely glorious footage from his family's recent roadtrip out to Alberta too, so if you love beautiful music or if you've never driven through Alberta [or both!], you've just GOT to hear this song! 

Have a listen and subscribe to his Youtube channel here, so you can follow his musical and creative endeavours. Anvay has even published a book on amazon - we're very proud of him!