This Is The End - Lilac Moon [New Release!]

So very proud of this young songwriter- she wrote this one all on her own and I was lucky to produce it for her. Those of you who have been around here for a while know that I write a LOT of sad songs, but behind the scenes, it's extremely rare that I actually cry while recording because it's such an involving craft with so much to pay attention to. But for this song I definitely cried at least 8 times while recording it, because certain melody lines and phrases just hit so strongly. Sounds like the end of a movie, as the camera drifts off towards a stormy sea, a few desolate leaves floating by...

Take a few minutes to pause in a busy day and listen to this heartbreaking yet beautiful masterpiece- you'll get the chills, that's for sure! <3

You can also listen on Apple Music and Spotify and everywhere else music is streamed or sold. 

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