December Comes Again - Track Preview: "Coffee" [Tchaikovsky]

So happy to announce that I'll have a winter and Christmas themed full length piano album coming out this Christmas, 12.2.22. It's all the most peaceful and sometimes melancholy [but somehow hopefully uplifting too!] piano music, using a felted piano for that mellow sitting-by-the-fireplace vibe. I've included a mix of carols and covers and originals, and it's going to be just perfect for a quiet moment sitting on the couch wrapped in a warm blanket watching the snow fall. I've already tested it out while getting a head start on my Christmas cards, and even my picky self who doesn't like hearing my own music half the time kind of quite liked it :) Hope you will too!

Here's the first preview, from the track entitled "Coffee", a modernized version of my very favourite song from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker. I was so lucky as a kid to get to see the full, larger than life ballet performance of this classic, not just once, and it made a permanent impact on my Christmas soul. Hope you like it :)


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