Inside - Feat. Swedish Producer Alex Ever

This song was a collaboration with a really talented producer who I was lucky to meet on Soundcloud years back, Alex Ever. He previously remixed a song for me and it was so fun that we did another song from scratch- he made the music and I wrote the topline for it. This song is the first in a stream of more high energy music that I've been working on behind the scenes- I know most of my current production catalogue is slow and sad but don't let that fool you with regards to what's in the pipeline... :)

Also I'd like to dedicate this video to anyone who's ever been stuck in traffic on the 401- you can watch this [NOT WHILE DRIVING PLS] and pretend you're going fast with a movie soundtrack behind you... 



Also it supports small artists SO much if you save it too, on your favourite streaming platforms. All of the major ones are linked here for your convenience: Anastace - Inside 


Thanks for listening and thanks for your support!

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