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Autumn Leaves 

Here I am, joining the tradition of thousands upon thousands of people covering this song, but it's just so beautiful and why not! I was playing late one night with this deep rich Rhodes sound and just had to try this song... see what you think! May the beauty of fall be with you through the melancholy...

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Wishing you a meaningful and thoughtful autumn!




Full Circle - Official Art Video 

I was inspired to create this piece by that feeling you get at the end of the summer when yet another year has just flown by, and how the years add up. I imprinted the End of August [August 31] on watercolour paper in sequence, then followed it up with swirling, ever-changing paint to symbolize the way the years get swallowed up by time, creating a messy but beautiful sketch of a lifetime lived and how our view of it changes over time... But in the end we always come Full Circle...



Too Much For Words - August 31, 2022 

As a summer child who lived for the carefree sunny days on the water, the end of August has always been one of the most melancholy times of year for me and I suspect I'm not alone.... Here's a few minutes if you want to immerse yourself in the last fleeting moments of summer [here in the northern hemisphere] before the cold and the dark set in again... All that said, I hope you enjoy this song and the nostalgia in the video too - one of the very last sunny days on the lake!


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Fix You - Coldplay Cover - August 5, 2022 

Happy to share this Coldplay cover I've been working on for a while! I have too many favourite Coldplay songs to count but this is one of them, done in a mellow, relaxing style with moody piano and soaring, Celtic-style vocals in the background.

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Cold Wind - UK Songwriting Contest Commended Entry - Five Stars 

Well it's halfway through the summer, can you believe it!? For those of us in northern hemispheres the days are already getting shorter and darker sooner, so here's a song to help... or not!

I'm also pleased to share this song has already been given the highest professional rating of 5 stars and a Commended Entry in this year's UK Songwriting Contest, in the blues and jazz category. If you like blues or guitar or depressing music this is really the song for you. 😬

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Thanks for listening and supporting independent artists! 

Round Me Falls the Night - rewriting the music for a hymn from the 1800s! 

I found this treasure of a hymnbook so old that you can see the imprint of the text from the opposite side, and can run your fingers over the words and feel them, raised on the page from being printed with old leaded plates! When I found this beautiful old evening hymn, I loved the concept but felt a minor setting would suit the mood better, so rewrote the melody in a minor key and harmonized it for four part chorale... It was such a wonderful song to work on- I hope it brings some inspiration and solemnity to an evening or two for you!

Here it is on Spotify and Apple Music, or you can watch the lyric video on Youtube below:

Do you have a favourite hymn you like the words of but wish there was different music? Or favourite music that you wish had words? I'm always on the hunt for great material to work with so just let me know in the comments or by email! :) 

Drive On [Mellow Summer Mix]  

After over a year [or more, I can't even remember] of finessing and fidgeting with this song, FINALLY I can share this "remix" I did, although it's kind of a reverse remix as the original was super upbeat and this one is the most laid back, mellow song, perfect for watching the sun go down in all shades of red and purple while enjoying a drink on a patio....   

Enjoy this is a dreamy summer night reimagining of the original Drive On, in a laid back and relaxing style perfect for an August evening drive with the windows down, sun slowly setting...

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I do hope you enjoy!

Evensong [Official Lyric Video] 

A haunting, midnight song reminiscent of Secret Garden and Loreena McKennit, inspired by ancient hymnbooks and the medieval Vespers / Compline services, which were eventually combined into the practice of the Evensong services, traditionally set at the end of the day near sunset, as a time to contemplate the deeper things of life....

And after several requests and luckily capturing a magical sunset on film, I put together a lyric video too- hope you enjoy! 

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